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Distribution Planning

Electric Cooperatives, Industrial Facilities, Universities, Government Facilities, and many other entities that own their distribution infrastructure are investing in and modernizing their distribution infrastructure.

This can present challenges due to Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) increasing in popularity along with increases in electricity usage. To maximize return on investment, Nikotec Power’s experienced engineers offer hosting capacity analysis, Integrated capacity analysis, interconnection studies, DER enablement studies, forecasting, arc flash analysis, road mapping, and all other tradition planning services, in any of the mainstream power flow analysis tools like CYME.

Distribution Automation and Protection Analysis

As Distribution systems push for greater reliability, the installation and utilization of intelligent devices has become critical for the enablement of applications such as FLISR, VVO, and DVR.

Nikotec Power has expertise in configuring the relays, fault indicators, LTC controls, regulator controls, and capacitor bank controllers required for these ADMS applications in tandem with bulk system analysis for traditional protection schemes. Nikotec Power can perform settings creation, relay profile creation, device placement analysis, system protection analysis, and protection standards creation to achieve these goals with any products relay specific or analysis products like SEL AcSELerator and CYME TCC.

Distribution Detailed Design

With any distribution system upgrade there is a need for detailed design based on safety, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Our engineers provide the expertise in designing distribution facilities with an emphasis on experience in designing plans for protective device installation.